…….Europe’s first dedicated Oracle Value Chain Plan implementation consulting company.


VCP Consulting is an innovation in the European Oracle Applications consulting industry because for the first time the market is offered deep expertise and extensive experience in Oracle’s most sophisticated, powerful and value delivering applications.  Oracle has created a range of “advanced” modules within their E-Business Suite under the name Value Chain Planning.  The old MRP capability still exists in the ASCP module but this is complemented by 12 new modules supporting the planning of supply and the management of demand, in ways which deliver control and command over your supply chain planning processes.

VCP Consulting's Objective


Release the value from your investment in Oracle’s Value Chain Planning products by offering:

§  Deep Oracle VCP (ASCP) module knowledge

§  Distinct competence in application’s implementation consulting in advanced planning

§  Comprehensive business solution delivery rather than IT

§  Capacity and capability to take responsibility and deliver the Value Chain Planning section of your E-Business suite implementation to ensure that the business case is delivered, the ROI is observed

§  We deliver your agreed requirements as a contractual package, we don’t deliver contractor hours

§  Decades of collective experience in supply chain business processes as managers, individual contributors, implementers


Niche Consulting


Oracle’s VCP applications need to be addressed by experts, specialists; consultants who have been there and who have done it, consultants who can engage and proceed with intensity and speed without any hidden learning.  If Oracle introduces and a new VCP module and we don’t have the experience, we will tell you and advise you clearly and frankly on your options.


As Oracle create high end business planning applications with ever increasing power and richness the Consulting Applications industry must evolve and respond, delivering the full promise.


We provide a capability unique to the Oracle Applications supply chain space, we are a European first.